An army of widows and orphans

People must not die just because you tend to get patriotic. People must not die just because there are borders. People must not die just because we will erect memorials and award them medals. People must not die for India. People must not die.


RIP, you brave souls!

Despite personally knowing many of men as friends, close friends and almost brothers who serve in the armed forces as well as several other forces, I always felt and said that they made a career choice of doing so. I still believe they do and I generally have the opinion that they serve the nation… Continue reading RIP, you brave souls!

संवेदनशून्य मैं

आमतौर पर मैं आज़ादी या किसी और भी खुश होने वाले दिन खुश नहीं होता। कारण मुझे पता नहीं और न कभी मैंने इस विषय पर कोई आत्मचिंतन किया है । हो सकता है कि मुझे ज़रूरत महसूस न हुई हो। होने को तो प्याज का दाम भी कम हो सकता है और देश की… Continue reading संवेदनशून्य मैं