Bihar polls: Caste etched in heart, ‘silent’ in spelling

Caste might not be so obvious in the coming Bihar polls as in the 90s but it will have an impact till the realisation of its ghastliness comes to the voter.


My Stories of Intolerance: Part II

The other day, I had an altercation with a man and his wife who live in front of my building on second floor. Apparently, they own the building and I am a renter opposite them on first floor. The drain cleaning guy comes once a month and clears the mud etc from underneath the open… Continue reading My Stories of Intolerance: Part II

‘Get lost…you cheap Bihari’

“Get lost… You cheap Bihari…” These words were uttered to me by someone who claimed to understand me the most. So, by that logic these words ought to be right. Not only me listen these beautiful phrases, but many poor fellows, who don’t even know whether Bihar is in the south India or on the… Continue reading ‘Get lost…you cheap Bihari’