I am not Anna, nor I ever wanted to be…

The frenzy ‘created’ by Anna and his team was based on the simplest of the trick in the book: The people are fed up with corruption; there is a public unrest because of several scams; a lot of media coverage; ensure the message goes to media; hold press conferences; give interviews; accuse the top most leaders (whether or not there is any proof, just accuse); and people will run wearing you ‘cap’, with the tricolour in hand with the energy supplied by your ‘coke’ and ‘samosa’ distributed at the protest venue.


While Anna fasts, let’s start our bit

Corruption in India is like air, you feel it all around, you know it is all around but you can’t live without it. This is not one’s choice but forcefully and many a times subconsciously we become a part of it. Corruption is not a physical quantity and so it can not be tackled that… Continue reading While Anna fasts, let’s start our bit