Windows Phone 8: A different approach to smartphone UI

First of all let me tell you: I am a hardcore Apple fan since I picked my first iPod and I go on length defending why iPhones are the greatest products in smartphone arena. This is because of the ease of use, look and feel and the simplicity of design and operatibility of Apple products.… Continue reading Windows Phone 8: A different approach to smartphone UI

Internet Explorer 9 Beta (IE9 Beta) Review: It’s Great!

Overall the IE9 which is in beta phase looks quite good by design and is faster on performance with a lot of cool features, which I will talk later. At the first look it looks like copying Google’s fast evolving Chrome but as Time magazine quoted, Microsoft gives its best when it is running scary!

Microsoft office 2010 goes online

In an attempt to strengthen it’s market share, Microsoft has finally moved to cloud version of it’s popular Office software. With rival like Google Docs in sight it seems a good decision to popularize it’s already popular Office suit that was limited to the desktops. Microsoft has started an ‘online office’ suit which gives the… Continue reading Microsoft office 2010 goes online