Teachers I had

As a kid from a joint family and almost illiterate parents (3rd & 5th graders) education was not something that my father wanted me to get. Seeing the practical aspects and problems in the family, I was destined to take the sickle in my hand and feed the cows. But the freewill of my mother… Continue reading Teachers I had

To all my teachers: Thank you

Image credit: Arjun Singh Most of the time I have been lucky enough to get good or great teachers who have given whatever positive is inside me. All the anarchism, nihilism, rude attitude, abusive words, I dont give a damn outlook and the likes come from self-enlightenment. These subjects are self taught and my teachers… Continue reading To all my teachers: Thank you

मैं किसके लिए मरूँ?

जब हम छोटे थेऔर हाथ आगे पीछे करते हुएखाकी वर्दी पहनकरअपने स्कूल के शहीदों वाले स्मारक‘इम्मोर्टल तिलैयन्स’के बगल से मार्च करते हुएनिकलते थेतबवो अंग्रेजी की लाईनें रोज़ पढ़ा करते थे“जब तुम घर जाओगेतो कहना उनसे हमारे बारे मेंकि उनके बेहतर कल के लिएहमने अपना आज कुर्बान कर दिया” अच्छा लगता था पढ़करऔर नसों में एक… Continue reading मैं किसके लिए मरूँ?

‘Tilaiya ke Taliban’: Another look at Sainik School Tilaiya video

Last week was of a lot of news about Sainik School Tilaiya, my alma mater. There is a video showing some seniors belting juniors and making them do push ups. The video runs in ‘indefinite replay’. Let me give you some perspective: There are some students in couloured clothing in the evening. White shorts and… Continue reading ‘Tilaiya ke Taliban’: Another look at Sainik School Tilaiya video