Hashtag opinions: Deconstructing facebooking

Being on Facebook brings me more annoyance than anything else. It started as being something funny, not witty or timepass. Just funny. I, and a few friends, during post graduation would go to someone’s post and start conversing about weird stuff in comments. It would be random, and we would laugh over it every single… Continue reading Hashtag opinions: Deconstructing facebooking

Facebook: A virtual commode to bullshit

I always believed, Internet will be one technology that will democratise information and will unleash democracy in the true sense of it. We might denounce the concept of democracy itself and might not have any solution by saying this is the best among worst, but let’s face it we have to live with it for… Continue reading Facebook: A virtual commode to bullshit

Social media, where to?

Image courtesy: onbile.com When Marshal McLuhan coined the term Global Village, way back in 1962, he had just seen a glimpse of what electric technology could do. But he had sensed that whatever it comes to be in future, it would be an “extension of consciousness”. He had predicted that every information collected would be… Continue reading Social media, where to?