Feel that feeling, my love

Feel that I love you Feel that we loved each other Feel that feeling when you held me tight Never to let me go That embrace of yours Strong yet soft Hot yet mildly warm Feel that feeling, my lover girl When there were us And us alone Far from those judging eyes Prying gazes… Continue reading Feel that feeling, my love

The beautiful you

You are beautiful Beautiful to the limit of human comprehension In body and In soul You make me weak in my knees And feel things I never felt For anyone else So far away Still I want with you, a day A day to wander A walk to remember On the landscapes bleached in mild… Continue reading The beautiful you

I want to kiss you again

And I saw you Sitting in the corner Of that office room Thick glasses Over the eyes That expressed myriad emotions As we traversed on Telling stories after stories With every single movement Of the brows, the pupils, the dark balls Assisted by those lips Thin and vigorous Beautiful and full of life And vibrant… Continue reading I want to kiss you again

Just love

Let’s feel the feeling of two gyrating bodies Inhaling each other’s breath Containing the beauty of our souls Soaked in the potion of love And Just love The love That is beyond meaning Beyond the realms of beliefs Beyond the brain Beyond our existence As all that it is Is Just love Let’s dance In… Continue reading Just love